Pretty her Luna Maya, Luna Maya was born in Denpasar, Bali on August 26 1983, was the film actress and the Indonesian film who headed his career as the advertisement model and Catwalk... Click Here

The pretty face. The proportional body was supported by the friendliness increasingly equipped Sandra Dewi entered entertainment that the draught of the competition.... Click Here

Lena Magdalena beautiful arctis and presenter, presenting chat on midnight. Very cute and beutiful lady, red lips and charm, everyone want to meet her.... Click Here

Beautiful Girl From Indonesia, her name is Dian Sastro Wardoyo.Nice and smiling girl.... Click Here

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Beauty Asian Woman

Liu Yi Fei was already modeling since 8 years old; her photos are still found on some streets in Wuhan where she spent her childhood. Yi Fei was said to be a very potential artist since she was a kid ...

Beauty Huang Sheng Yi is a Chinese actress, born and raised in Shanghai, China on the 11th of February, 1983. Her father lived and studied in the USA in the early 1990s and her mother works for a well known....

Kristy Yeung merebut gelar Miss Photogenic. Kontes ini merambat naik. Dari lokal ke regional lalu nasional dst. Pada kesempatan pendek gadis pemalu yang beruntung itu memenangkan predikat Miss Crown Beauty Queen of the Year 1995. Ternyata inilah “pintu” cah ayu itu ke dunia populer, mode, film dan iklan....

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Thai Video & Music

Supaksorn Chaimongkol on December 2, 1982, in Bangkok, Thailand is a Thai model and actress. Her nickname is "Kratae". Her film roles include Kunpan: Legend of the Warlord, Art of the Devil and Andaman Girl, all under director Thanit Jitnukul. In 2007, she starred in the spy-action comedy, Chai Lai, directed by Poj Arnon, and the martial arts drama Brave, featuring Thai stunt actor Pairote Boongerd (Mike B.) and Malaysian comedian Afdlin Shauki. In 2008, she starred in Handle Me With Care, a romantic drama written and directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee.
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Hot & Sexy Woman [West]  

Do you want to know how to really frustrate a sexy woman who's attracted to you, even drive her away? It's a good idea to know this because most guys do it, not even aware they're doing it, and then are mystified when she doesn't want to spend time with them anymore. Here it is: hold back from doing anything physical with her (touching, holding hands, or kissing) because you aren't sure if she likes you are not.

This drives a sexy woman crazy because most won't initiate physical contact with a guy (although you've gotta love the rare exception), and she has to wait until he finally screws up the courage to do what she's silently begging him to do all along. For some guys this can take weeks, even months, leaving the woman they're attracted to frustrated, even pissed off.

A lot of men are afraid to initiate contact because they "aren't sure" if she likes them or not. In turn, the sexy woman begins to wonder if he's really attracted to her because he won't initiate contact. What you wind up with is two people who are really attracted to each other, but frustrated because each "isn't sure."The solution to this is actually pretty easy, and once you do it one or two times you'll understand how much a sexy woman who is really attracted to you wants her to touch you. In fact, touch itself can create and enhance attraction.

I never worry about whether or not she "likes me"-that mindset is for wusses. Instead I presume she likes me, and take the attitude that she's the one who should be concerned about whether or not I like her. She can instantly pick up on the fact I'm not at all worried if she's attracted to me or not, and that attitude is very comforting to her. She knows I won't be nervous or awkward, but instead will be confident and firm.

As long as she's engaged with me, she's interested. Even if she pushes me away, we both know it's just a test to see how I react. So, I pull away briefly, then gradually ramp back up to what we were just doing… and this time where there was pushing away, there's pulling towards, attraction where she's used to experiencing frustration with guys. So, if there's a beautiful sexy woman who likes to spend time with you, and you wonder if she likes you or not, stop wondering and start taking action… she'll like you for sure then. [Dunia Gadis]

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